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Build TARGETED Lists Of Unlimited, Engaged Subscribers With This Revolutionary Software That Attracts, Segments And Instantly Monetizes New Leads
Sell More Products More Often, Reduce The Cost
Of Traffic & 'Wake Up Your Existing Subscribers


Audiences from MULTIPLE traffic sources for qualified leads and paying customers


New leads into both upfront profits AND long term customers that continue to buy


Make more sales, more often, by promoting the perfect offers to ideal audiences
Special Launch Discount Ends In:

"ResponseSuite gives me a whole new way to grow my tribe, by finding the PERFECT prospects and flat-out telling me what they want to know. This completely changes the game and takes the 'selling' out of selling! I love it!"

- Tanya Whittam, UK

This is the next level! Not only is it easy to make great-looking surveys but the marketing functionality is a game-changer. I can finally run surveys that will build my list and automatically segment people on my list so I can make the perfect offer to them!

- Ryan Phillips, UK
Direct Response, AUTOMATED Survey Software For Targeted Leads, Massive Conversions & HIGHER Long Term Profits
Confidently Build Targeted Lists of qualified subscribers using interactive surveys …
No lead magnets, opt-in forms, landing pages or even paid ads required!
Segment Leads For Higher Conversions
Automatically add both new & existing leads to targeted lists based on subscriber interest …

Offer custom solutions to each customer for a massive boost in conversions
How Much Of A Boost?

Mailchimp (one of the most popular autoresponders, studied almost 11,000 campaigns sent to almost 9 million subscribers and found an astonishing difference in results between segmented and unsegmented campaigns.

Segmented campaigns received:

14.31% Higher Open Rates Than Unsegmented Campaigns
110.95% Higher Click Through Rates Than Unsegmented Campaigns
9.37% Fewer Unsubscribes Than Unsegmented Campaigns

It's clear that segmenting your list produces better e-mail marketing results!
MONETIZE New Leads Instantly while maximizing long term customer value 
Make sales the moment prospects subscribe by automatically showing them highly relevant offers

Drive long term sales promoting solutions hand-picked for each target audience
How Companies & Independent Marketers Of All Sizes 
Are Getting Game-Changing Results With Surveys
"The Zenni Optical 'You’ve Been Framed Quiz' generated 29,410 lead conversions and a 9.655% ROI in six months"

- Econsultancy,com, Oct 2017
"The Foundation’s “Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mind” quiz drove over 16,000 leads and millions in revenue"

-, Feb 2016
"Golf Revolution’s quiz 'The #1 Reason The Average Golfer Can’t Hit It 200+ Yards' has earned them millions of dollars", Jan 2017
When done right, surveys are MUCH more than a prospecting & lead generation tool. New technology now lets you automatically & INSTANTLY segment subscribers onto targeted lists… for a dramatic increase in conversions & lifetime customer value.
Survey Marketing - The SMART
Way To Build Your Business
Hey this is Rob and Kennedy.

In a few short years we’ve sold over $2 million dollars of products & services online... a range of niches including internet marketing, dating, personal development, fitness & even hypnosis.
Whatever your niche or market, you already know that lead generation is critical to your success. 

But if - like so many others - you’ve noticed that recently:
  • The cost to acquire new leads has significantly increased
  •  Conversion rates on your landing pages have dropped
  •  Competition and ad costs seem to be increasing daily
Or if - when you market to your list - you find that:
  •  Unsubscribes seem to shrink your list faster than you can build it
  •  Opens, clicks and SALES are on an uncomfortable DOWNWARD trend
Then you’ll love this answer for making lead generation AND ongoing promotions fun and profitable again, like the good old days.

Our solution STARTS with surveys - interactive content that audiences devour...

Then adds SEVERAL innovative technologies so you can:
  •  Consistently & predictably convert stone cold traffic into excited, qualified leads for your business
  •     Instantly monetize your new subscribers
  •     Maximize ongoing customer value and long term engagement with the power of segmentation & targeted marketing
Engage. Convert. Profit.
Fully-Hosted, Drag & Drop Survey Creator Specifically 
For Generating Profitable Leads In ANY Niche
  • Convert targeted audiences into qualified leads & buyers
  • Leverage automated segmentation to skyrocket conversions
  • Maximize engagement with both new and existing subscribers
  • Leverage traffic from multiple sources, regardless of your budget
  • Build lists of pre-qualified subscribers in any niche
  • AUTOMATICALLY segment audiences onto targeted lists
  • Instantly monetize new leads thanks to “smart redirect” technology
  • Re-engage existing audiences and retarget new ones to maximize ROI
Yes … I’m Ready To Turn My Business Into A Lead & Sales Generating Machine
Secure purchase. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee

"I have been using Response Suite for just under a year now, under its beta guise, and now I have seen it in its latest version I am more excited than ever. It has allowed me to put together quizes and contests fast, find out what my customers need, and am discovering new features almost daily. The guys behind this have really thought it through, nice one boys!!"

- Andy Mackow, Spain

"I already use a well-known survey software which has been useful for collecting survey responses. But ResponseSuite has changed the game for my business in so many ways. Not least of which is the ability it gives me to redirect participants to different thank you pages based on their answers. This is just one of the many features that, in my view, puts ResponseSuite at the top of the list of survey softwares."

- Paul Healey, UK
Your Automated Solution For Qualified Leads & Higher Profits
Watch the demo to see how ResponseSuite® will build your list, 
increase sales AND keep customers coming back for more:
Seamless Integration With The Tools You Already Use
ResponseSuite® integrates with ANY autoresponder… enjoy hands-free automation
that syncs leads to your platform of choice the moment they subscribe
DIRECT API Integration With 3 Leading Autoresponders
(Even more on the way as the platform continues to evolve)
PLUS... UNLIMITED Connectivity With ANY Autoresponder Via HTML

New leads are AUTOMATICALLY added to your autoresponder …
Both new AND existing subscribers are segmented onto targeted lists of your choice … for a huge boost in conversions whenever you promote.
BRAND NEW FEATURE: Facebook® Pixel Integration!

You can now add your Facebook® Pixel ID to your ResponseSuite account track your advertising campaigns, build custom audiences and create even more powerful campaigns.
Hassle-Free List Building
Forget the tedious process of manually downloading leads!

No time-intensive importing individual subscribers to your lists. ResponseSuite® automates everything, letting you instantly capture sales upon subscription while maximizing long term conversions.

3 Simple Steps To More Leads, More
Sales & 
Higher Customer Value.
(With A Single Software That Tells You Exactly 
What Your Audience Wants To Buy!)
STEP #1: Create Your Stunning Survey
Start from scratch or duplicate & customize an existing survey from your library.

The platform is lightning fast, responsive and easy to use … you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can create and deploy powerful surveys.
STEP #2: Customize For
Your Audience
Use the drag & drop editor to create a custom survey in minutes.

Add questions & choose from multiple choice, single choice, text answers or more.

Redirect options let you keep users on the current page, send to a standard thank-you page, or “smart url”...

Letting you present specific content & offers based on their answers for a MASSIVE boost in conversions
STEP #3: Share And
Once your survey is done, you’ll get a ‘pretty link’ letting you drive traffic any way you wish.

Post surveys on your own sites … 
Promote them via email …
And leverage paid ads for maximum ROI.
Monetize New Leads The MOMENT They Subscribe 
With “Smart Redirect” Technology
In-person sales convert so well because salespeople can make  relevant suggestions based on the needs of their prospects.

ResponseSuite® turns the “in-person” shopping experience into an automated online reality.

The software tracks the survey answers each user provides. Then lets you present SPECIFIC offers based on their SPECIFIC answers. This is the ultimate in “direct response” marketing and converts more new leads into customers instantly.
The software tracks the survey answers each user provides. Then lets you present SPECIFIC offers based on their SPECIFIC answers. This advanced automation lets you leverage the full power of “segmented marketing” 
to convert more leads into more buying customers

Re-Engage Existing Audiences To Revitalize Sales
Every marketer & business owner has leads that, over time, have become less engaged. You COULD pay an email copywriter a few thousand dollars in an “attempt” to revitalize your list …

OR simply use ResponseSuite® to rebuild that valuable relationship with interactive surveys and segmentation.  Turn once inactive subscribers into engaged buyers 
and make more profits from your existing list.
Maximize Conversions From EVERY Prospect & Lead
It’s no secret that slow response times decrease conversions. In fact:
"Every 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions"
That’s why the entire ResponseSuite® platform is hosted on premium Amazon servers. Send as much traffic as you want… every participant will enjoy lightning fast load times and YOU’LL enjoy the huge increase in conversions that go along with them.

Not only that… all your subscriber data is secured inside encrypted Amazon server databases… the Fort Knox of online security.

Your leads and precious subscriber data are yours - and yours alone.
Long Term Profits: Keep Your Audience Engaged & Buying
ResponseSuite® is more than a lead generation, segmentation & conversion tool. Use it as a cornerstone to continually grow your business:

Maximize Membership & Subscription Profits while decreasing “churn” rate 

If members choose to leave your recurring sites, a simple survey can help you offer them a more suitable solution… so you keep more customers on the books 

Maintain List Integrity

If leads choose to unsubscribe, multiple choice “exit surveys” can offer compelling options such as fewer emails or information on select topics. ResponseSuite® lets you keep more happy subscribers on your list

Upgrade Existing Customers

Send a survey to current customers asking what they need, then offer suitable products to fulfill those needs - perfect for upgrading customers to premium membership levels and products

Increase Affiliate Commissions

Instead of blasting a single offer to your entire list, use ResponseSuite® to find out what each subscriber needs, then promote the ideal offer to increase conversions 

Cultivate Your Brand & Authority

Nothing makes you the “marketer of choice” more than actively engaging with your subscribers… and ResponseSuite® shows your leads you’re genuinely interested in their needs & goals

Sell More High End Offers

Convert more leads into high end buyers with ResponseSuite®. Use interactive surveys to prequalify leads… save time & money by focusing on clients that are an ideal fit for your premium offers
ResponseSuite®: A NEW Standard For Lead & Profit Generation

Get More Organic Traffic

Surveys posted to social media are FREQUENTLY shared, meaning users drive traffic for you. Surveys on your own sites keep visitors engaged longer, leading to improved SEO & search ranking

Instant Lead Monetization

Smart redirect technology lets you literally get paid to build your list. Instantly show new leads ideal offers based on their SPECIFIC interests to enjoy “impulse” purchase profits

Drag & Drop Survey Creator

Deploy visually stunning, engaging surveys in minutes with the intuitive and incredibly fast built-in builder

Drag & Drop CUSTOM Reports

Track the metrics YOU need to scale your business with custom reports showing how to optimize each campaign

Maximize ROI

Automatically segment both new AND existing leads onto targeted lists so you can enjoy HIGHER CONVERSIONS from every offer

Save Time & Money

No need for costly lead magnets and landing pages to add qualified leads to your business

Pre-Sell For The Win

Thanks to the flexibility of the question formats … you can HIGHLIGHT features of your offers within your surveys. Pre-condition survey takers so they’re EXCITED to act on your follow-up offers
This Is The Platform YOUR Business Needs
ResponseSuite® is the most complete, all-in-one lead generation, segmentation & conversion tool on the market. Under ONE platform, you can:
  • Leverage traffic from multiple sources, regardless of your budget.
  • Build lists of pre-qualified subscribers in any niche.
  • AUTOMATICALLY segment audiences onto targeted lists.
  • Instantly monetize new leads thanks to “smart redirect” technology.
  • Re-engage existing audiences and retarget new ones to maximize ROI.
You’re About To Become The Marketer Your Customers 
LOOK FORWARD To Hearing From!
Know. Like. Trust.
3 words that determine the ongoing profit potential of your audience.
ResponseSuite® helps you KNOW your customers, so you understand their needs and desires. Then lets you market to them intelligently, so they become highly engaged fans that like and trust you.

This powerful relationship positions you as the “go-to” marketer they look forward to hearing from.
Higher engagement, higher sales, and increasing customer value are the result.

We were very excited to get our hands on ResponseSuite as we had been looking for a piece of software that we could use to survey our lists and segment them to different lists depending on their answers. 

This works like a dream and we will be putting this to good use. Im sure this will increase our earnings per subscriber instantly and help us to better serve our customers.

- Richard Fairbairn, UK

As a non-technical person I was worried about how I might struggle to make this kind of tech work for me. Somehow the team at ResponseSuite have taken all the tech out of this for you. 

They’ve made it easy to add marketing surveys to your business and link things with your autoresponder for perfect follow up without having to know any technical stuff at all. Thank you ResponseSuite!

- Brandon Patros, UK
Powerful, Proven Solutions For FAR Less Than The Competition!
(Other Tools Cost More & Deliver Less)
$99.00 PER MONTH: - no “smart url redirect” to instantly monetize new leads
$67.00 PER MONTH: - no custom reports, limited segmentation
$199.00 PER MONTH:
LeadQuizzes - that’s just flat out EXPENSIVE
Your Business Deserves The Best:
Get It All Here For A Friendly One-Time Fee… 

(But ONLY While This One-Time Launch Lasts)
Secure purchase. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee
Plus, Claim These Fast Action Bonuses
When You Act Now:
Value: $497
BONUS #1: “Survey Marketing Masterclass” 
We want to ensure your success so have put together a 4-part training showing you how to run quizzes & surveys for real world profits. 

We created ResponseSuite® for our own business and have been using it to profit in multiple niches for months… benefit from our experience as we show you exactly how to employ survey marketing for the best possible results.
Value: $497
BONUS #2: “ResponseSuite VIP User Facebook Group” 
As a ResponseSuite® member you’ll enjoy access to our VIP Facebook group. 

This is an active community of highly engaged marketers sharing profitable strategies. Network and discover current, real world methods to get the best results from survey marketing.
Invest With Confidence
Nothing to lose, just nonstop new leads and profits to gain…
The ResponseSuite® UNCONDITIONAL 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Because we want you to enjoy all the benefits of ResponseSuite®, we’ll take on all the risk.

Secure your license today and use the platform’s extensive features to generate new leads, increase conversions and make more sales.

If you’re not thrilled, just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your small investment. No questions asked. 
Secure purchase. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee
Fair Warning
Your ResponseSuite® license AND bonuses are available for a highly discounted one-time fee. But the discount and bonuses go away as soon as this launch closes.

When that happens, the platform will close to new members… and may only be offered in future for a monthly subscription.

Why pay more later when you can get everything now for less?

Are YOU Ready To...
  • Grow your business predictably by adding qualified leads to your lists?
  • Increase sales from both new AND existing subscribers?
  • Maximize engagement with both new and existing subscribers
  • Reduce unsubscribes while maintaining a profitable list of happy leads that can’t WAIT for your next message?
Here's Everything That Is Included:
  • #1 Marketing Survey Platform On The Planet 
  • 10 Powerful "Answer Types"
  • Powerful Custom Report Builder For Total Analytical Control
  • Bonus: 4-Week Survey Marketing Masterclass Training 
  • Facebook® Pixel integration
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Survey Builder
  • Native Autoresponder Integration
  • Built-In "Smart Redirect" Technology For Instant Monetization
  • Bonus: Unlimited Membership To VIP Facebook User Group
  • Your own custom-branded subdomain
  • Unlimited Surveys (With 20 Active At Any Time)
  • Receive Up To 30,000 Responses Per Month
  • Built-In "Smart Redirect" Technology For Instant Monetization
  • Unlimited Updates And New Features To The Software
  • UK-Based Customer Support
Just Choose The Best Package For You:
Just $197 Per Year
Just $497 $297 One-Time
Then make the smart decision to invest in your business today. Click that button now to get started straight away.

Thanks for reading. We wish you the best with your online business, and would be honoured to help you exceed your goals.

P.S. Secure your license now to access the most powerful lead generation & conversion platform available for the lowest price it’ll ever be offered at. 

Your small investment is completely covered by our risk-free guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose.
Secure purchase. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee
Here's 4 Of Our Favourite Ways To Use ResponseSuite
To Start Making MORE Money Today:
Frequently Asked Questions
Will this work on my PC and Mac?
Of course! The entire platform is fully cloud-based on premium Amazon servers, so it’ll work on any computer and any operating system. All you need is internet access and you’re good to go.
Are there any limits on how many surveys I can create?
To keep the price this low, we’ve set a limit of 20 active surveys at any one time and 30,000 responses per month. If you’re a power user, you’ll see an unlimited option on the next page.
Are updates & support included?
Absolutely! We built this platform for our own businesses, and as you know we operate in multiple niches. So you’ll benefit from ongoing updates that ensure ResponseSuite® remains current and cutting-edge.

We take support extremely seriously and have a dedicated team on hand to respond to your questions. Plus - if you get in early you’ll have access to the VIP FB group giving you another source for real time support.
Do I need experience?
Nope. Even if you’re brand new to lead generation, ResponseSuite® makes it extremely easy to build your lists of qualified subscribers. Step-by-step video guides inside the dashboard will have you up and running fast.

And if you’ve been in the business for a while and already have a list - even better. The engagement and segmentation tools will make increasing profits from your existing audience easier than ever.

ResponseSuite® Is Lovingly Made In The UK
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