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How To MAXIMIZE Traffic, Conversions AND
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Hey it’s Rob & Kennedy here, to welcome you to ResponseSuite®.

You now have access to an extremely powerful system for profitable lead generation in any niche.

Quality leads are one of the THREE keys to maximizing profit. 

The other two?

They are...

So before you race off to check out the platform, we have a special invitation for you. 

To give you a MASSIVE head start as well as a consistent way to maximize profits from all of your campaigns.

We’ve spent months developing this training program that goes hand-in-hand with ResponseSuite®.

Your ALL-IN-ONE Solution For Traffic, 
Leads AND Maximizing Conversions
First, Let's Talk Traffic...
Leverage paid FB traffic the RIGHT way to maximize your ROI.

Join us over 4 weeks of LIVE webinars and become a traffic expert.

You’ll be able to implement these winning strategies in your own business …

Get professional feedback along the way ... 

For a HANDS-ON solution to getting the traffic results you deserve

These sessions have been designed to get you the most exposure to your ResponseSuite® surveys... And the methods can be applied to literally ANY type of campaign you want to run.

ELEVATE Traffic Includes:
  • 4 weeks of LIVE webinars including Q&A - get your questions answered in real time, and access full recordings of each session
  •  Quick Start: getting set up & how FB ads work … turn traffic generation into a PREDICTABLE & PROFITABLE investment
  •  Winning Ads From A-Z … discover EXACTLY how to craft compelling ads, find ideal target audiences, PLUS how to run ads for maximum benefit
  • Profit Maximization … see how to optimize & scale each campaign to keep costs low and response rates HIGH
Benefit from our YEARS of experience running FB ads in multiple niches. Discover how to do it right - and as importantly - what to avoid.

You’re going to become so great at traffic that Mark Zuckerberg won’t believe how little you’re spending on ads while siphoning the very BEST traffic from FB

Next, Let’s Convert Your Traffic Into PROFITS
Traffic & leads are great.

But CONVERSIONS are what get you paid. 

In this series of live sessions, you’ll become a master at converting subscribers into REPEAT buyers.

Also delivered over 4 weeks, so you can apply the methods, get feedback along the way, and maximize value per subscriber

ELEVATE Conversions Includes:
  • 4 weeks of LIVE webinars including Q&A - get your questions answered in real time, and access full recordings of each session
  •  The Art of Engagement: how to build positive relationships with your new subscribers and turn them into REPEAT buyers
  •  Open Sesame: how to make people look forward to opening & reading your emails
  • Clicks To Cash: get subscribers to click your offers & buy … while making them think you’re a superstar for your recommendations
It’s no secret that email can yield the HIGHEST ROI of any type of marketing - when it’s done right.

Collectively, we’ve written TENS of THOUSANDS of emails in multiple niches… and all modesty aside, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to effortlessly send TOP-CONVERTING 
emails that maximize profits per subscriber …

And have your audiences think you’re their best friend … so you turn new leads 

Traffic, Leads & Conversions … They’re ALL You Need
Join ELEVATE and you’ll be unstoppable. Your campaigns are about to become so profitable, you’re going to want to run as many as possible.

So we’re going to let you do just that...
ELEVATE Now Includes Our
ResponseSuite® UNLIMITED Upgrade
As an ELEVATE member, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to ResponseSuite®, which means you can...
  • Launch AS MANY surveys as you want … to engage more prospects in more niches
  • Receive AS MANY responses as you want … convert more traffic into unlimited leads
  •  Generate AS MANY custom reports as you want... to see exactly how to scale ALL of your campaigns
  • Remove the 'ResponseSuite' branding from the bottom of your surveys with a single click!
Secure purchase. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee
Zero Restrictions = UNLIMITED Profit Potential
We’re handing you the most cutting-edge traffic solutions available.

The most powerful conversion strategies, tested & proven across multiple niches.

And NOW, truly unlimited lead generation by unlocking ResponseSuite® UNLIMITED.
Imagine The Possibilities
Tap into brand new niches for predictable profits. Completely DOMINATE markets of your choice.

Maximize revenues per subscriber. NEVER worry about traffic or conversions again.

We said it before, but it’s worth repeating: ResponseSuite® is here for the LONG TERM. We originally developed it for our own use, and it’s become a  CORNERSTONE of our business.

Which means we’ll be updating the platform and adding exciting new features. You’re already getting access to all new updates and features…

But to take MAXIMUM advantage, you’ll want to unlock the full power of ResponseSuite® UNLIMITED and these revolutionary traffic & conversions systems.
That’s Why We’re Giving It ALL To You For 
A Ridiculously Low One-Time Price
Timing is everything. By joining ResponseSuite® during this exclusive launch,  you’re in the exact right place… at the exact right time.

As a new customer, we’re inviting you to ResponseSuite® ELEVATE at a cost so low our accountants have stopped talking to us.

Here’s A Quick Recap Of What You’re Getting Today:
ELEVATE Traffic [value $1997]
4 weeks of live webinars, including Q&A and all recordings
ELEVATE Conversions [value $1997]
4 weeks of live webinars, including Q&A and all recordings
ResponseSuite® UNLIMITED [value $375 PER YEAR]
Don’t take our word for it on the value involved. Take a look at ANY live 4 week coaching on paid traffic or conversions.

You won’t find many for less than 2K, let alone the conservative $3997 value we’re putting on EACH of ours.

UNLIMITED access to ResponseSuite®? We KNOW the numbers on that, because we’re covering the costs of premium hosting and support. 

That’s a total real world value of $3997, PLUS an extra $375 PER YEAR.

Worth it? Absolutely. Are we going to charge that much? Absolutely not.
But Hey, We Said This Was A Special
Invitation… So Here’s The Special!
As a new ResponseSuite® member, your success means a LOT to us. That’s why we’ve put together this incredibly powerful package … to get you the results you need.

And are inviting you to join ResponseSuite® ELEVATE for a STEEPLY discounted, one-time fee. No re-bills. Ongoing access. Right here, right now... but only while this page is open.

This whole thing is yours, right now, for a single payment of just $497.
Life’s Full Of Risks … This Isn’t One Of Them
We’re not here to twist your arm.

Just to give you an EASY way to unlock the FULL profit potential of the software you signed up for.

So when you act now, you’ll get 30 days to try out ELEVATE completely risk-free. If for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled, just contact us for a no-hassles refund.
Real Value: $3997.00+        Today: Just $497
Secure purchase. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee
Your One And Only Chance
We’ve already blocked out time on our calendars to deliver this premium, hands-on training. And want to ensure each ELEVATE member gets dedicated support.

Providing unlimited access to the software comes at a SIGNIFICANT cost to us …

So this special invitation lasts ONLY as long as this page is open. You’ve got nothing to lose by joining now, thanks to the risk-free guarantee.

The ONLY risk is to say no, then regret it later.

Ready to become a traffic expert and siphon the BEST FB traffic to any campaign?

Master conversions to maximize long term subscriber profits?

Enjoy ResponseSuite® UNLIMITED to run as many surveys and drive as many leads as you ever want?

Your time is now.

Real Value: $3997.00+            Today: Just $497
Secure purchase. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee
Thanks again for joining ResponseSuite®. Looking forward to connecting with you LIVE when you register for ELEVATE.
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